University of Washington

He studies at one of the largest public universities in the United States.

Progress, challenge and new challenges

Students, teachers and members of the U-W community are defined by their unwavering optimism and desire to make the world a better place.

The University of change

The University of Washington trains its students not to be passive spectators, but to be part of the shift towards a positive direction in its faculties and schools.

World leaders in research

The Research Office, advances towards a future of scientific research:

  • 7 Nobel Prizes
  • 296 Research Centres


Seattle, Washington, United States.


The origin of the foundation of the University began in 1854, when the territorial governor of Washington promotes the creation of a university in the town of Columbia, through donations of his own testament, and alongside of a group of relevant people such as John Samson who committed themselves to manage the purchase of land where they would carry out the construction of the university.

During the two World Wars, The University of Washington, had to cede some of its facilities temporarily to the federal government, but on the contrary, the following years, meant enormous growth for the institution. In the interwar period, the campus expanded significantly and constructions were carried out such as the quadrilateral of literal Arts, well known as “quad”, the Suzzallo Library, among other constructions at the end of the Second World War, such as the school of Medicine in 1946 or the Medical Center of the University of Washington, one of the best hospitals nationwide.

In 1888 the University of Washington, was the first to carry out a phd, before being submerged in the economic crises that were present in the country for almost a century, from the 70’s thanks to the collaboration of government, the university acquired an important prestige at national and international level, following the start of new reforms. Large-scale technology companies such as Microsoft or Amazon, were built around, which also influenced the funding, thanks to their list of former and illustrious students and teachers.

In recent decades, the University of Washington has again increased its campus, which in addition to its main headquarters in Foggy Bottom, has additional territories (Bothell and Tacoma), in 1999 it was also acquired Mount Vernon College in the Foxhall neighborhood. In 2012, an expansion plan for its main Seattle campus was approved, and in 2015, the UW Station connecting the Seattle Capitol to the University’s Husky Stadium opened to improve University accessibility.

Why study at the University of Washington 2021?

Currently, it is an institution that stands out for its excellence in research and education. As they say from the university, its function is “to educate students to turn them into responsible citizens and future global leaders through cutting-edge education that takes place in a stimulating environment.” It also focuses on ” discovering solutions to the world’s most complex problems and enriching the lives of the people of Washington, the country and the world.”

Internationally, it is often ranked among the top 30 universities in the world and has a research budget of dólares 6.4 billion. In 2014 alone, it registered 467 patents, with 87% of them involving students. It is one of the largest public universities in the United States and has 140 distinct departments structured in 17 faculties and schools.

The main campus is located in Seattle, bordered by the city’s two lakes, but there are also two secondary campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. In total, among the three campuses, there are more than 500 buildings, among which the University of Washington Plaza, a 99-meter high skyscraper, stands out.



The first step to start your application, is to create a profile in “Coalition Profile”, a portal in which more than 100 universities in the United States, plan and organize the application of applications for admission. In addition, additional questions and two UW essays must be answered. It is also necessary:

  • Deliver the results of the ACT or SAT exam
  • Accredit the training in English with the score of one of the official English exams: TOEFLo IELTS
  • Pay the admission application fee
  • One of the peculiarities of the University of Washington, is that it is not necessary to deliver the academic record until the Admissions Office requires it, the notes corresponding to secondary, can be entered in the web form. You also do not need to send a letter of recommendation.


Each graduate program has its own admission requirements, therefore, it is better to consult the requirements that the Graduate School proposes for each of its graduate programs.


Currently, there are three campuses corresponding to the University of Washington in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell.

Its main Campus in Seattle, Foggy Bottom, near the White House, has about 170,000 m2 that delimit Pennsylvania Avenue, E Street and Virginia Avenue.

In the central area of Foggy Bottom, we find the Midcampus, which houses buildings such as the Kogan Plaza, student meeting place, the Lisner Auditorium or the Gelman Library, as well as some residences and Monroe Hall. Also located is the University Yard, the green lung of UW, where social events of all kinds are held, just before arriving at law school or on the opposite side of Corcoran, Stockton and Woodhull House, campus police headquarters.

The Tacoma Campus of the UW, has the peculiarity of being built by bricks coming from the railway station of the beginning of centuries, its architectural design has been awarded several times, for its originality and innovation. From the campus you can appreciate the views of the harbor and Mount Rainer, due to its privileged location in the South Center of Tacoma.

Opened in 1990, like the Bothell campus, it stands out for its accessibility and dynamism, in an academic environment of equal prestige as the rest of the campus. Since its opening it has awarded more than 19,000 degrees in its different educational programs.

Bothell, located in King County, is also part of the University of Washington, focused primarily on undergraduate and graduate degrees, stands out for excellence on the part of its faculty, research and multicultural learning dynamics.


The University of Washington offers a wide variety of academic programs across its 140 departments, divided into its schools and faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Faculty of Architecture and urban plans
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Resources
  • Faculty of Oceanography and fish Sciences
  • Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
  • Michael G. Foster School of business
  • School of Dentistry
  • Information School
  • Law School
  • Medical school
  • Nursing school
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
  • School of Public Health and Community Medicine
  • School of Social Work


The University of Washington, is running at the head of the rankings of the best universities nationally and according to the U.S. News & Wrld Report, is ranked number 11 among universities worldwide.

Among its academic programs, there is the possibility of studying a degree or post-degree, in addition to masters or doctorates, then you can consult its catalog of courses to inform you of the characteristics of each one.


The University of Washington has different accommodation options for its students, depending on the course, availability and preferences of each, there are: Residences, apartments and the typical brotherhoods and fraternities.

Students of first year degree, have a guaranteed room in one of the university residences of the UW, a way to know the university life in a quality residential environment, you can consult the availability, characteristics and services of each on the University’s own page.

Postgraduate or professional students have the possibility to live in one of the student apartments within (or very close to) the Campus itself, find all the information and request your place through the official website.

There is also the option of fraternities and sororities, the legendary student houses where in addition to receiving all residential services and academic support, it focuses on fellowship and promoting the student community.

COST 2021

Pullman CampusResidentNo Resident
License plate$5,380$12,851
Mandatory Fees$705$705
Housing costs$5,924$5,924
Miscellaneous living expenses$1,054$1,054
Estimated total for the semester$14,260$21,731
Estimated Total for the year$28,520$43,462
Credit charge (1-9)$538$1,285.15
Additional credit hours (19+)$510.10$1,257.25

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