University of Oxford

Oxford University. It is the oldest English-language university in the world, located in the city of Oxford (in the United Kingdom). It is a collective formed by 36 faculties closely linked to the city. Buildings of English architecture of extraordinary beauty create a panorama of high towers, pinnacles. The main rival of the University of Oxford is the University of Cambridge, founded a short time later. Both institutions are known under the moniker of Oxbridge. The university is characterized by its superiority in academic subjects such as theology and humanities.


It is not known exactly the date of its foundation, but it is known of teaching activities since the year 1096. In 1167 Henry II of England forbade English students from attending the colleges of higher studies in Paris, so this led to Oxford being considered as one of the alternatives for higher education and progressed rapidly with the foundation of the First Student Residences, which later became colleges. The university was dissolved in 1209 after the death of two students accused of rape. Reopens in 1214.

Access to the University of Oxford

Access to the University in previous times was only for the wealthy social class, currently admitted according to the potential and desire to learn from the students, with the majority of the community coming from public schools. There are areas that are more demanding in terms of admission of students, so the administrators of these campuses prepare their exam according to the knowledge that they consider the student should have.

The University of Oxford carries out a student scholarship programme, which is implemented after the student completes the entrance examination. Today it is debated in Britain the possibility of universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to adopt in their institution very low-income students.

Why study at Oxford University 2021?

Studying at Oxford University is a great challenge. It is ranked among the top 3 academic institutions in the ” World university rankings”, so they will test your academic skills at all times and your language skills must be in perfect condition to keep up with the pace of study. Instead of launching you directly into the adventure, we have designed a university preparation program specific to the University’s academic system. You will be able to adapt to the Student Life of England while developing all the skills necessary to achieve success during your studies. Our students have the possibility to choose in Oxford careers related to the area of their preference, be it the basic sciences, the social sciences or the humanities. We prepare them for the entrance exams in the subject of their choice.

What are the advantages of studying at Oxford University?

If deep in your heart you are an academic, the opportunity to get ready to have the level of Oxford University will be a dream for you. Oxford attracts tourists and students alike, being the oldest university town in the UK and world renowned for its tradition and academic system. Choose a university course in Oxford to prepare your entrance to any degree programme, (Bachelor, Research, Master or PhD) or improve your level of English before starting your university career and test what a student’s life is like. Follow in the footsteps of Albert Einstein, Edward VIII and T. S. Eliot, enroll this year in a prep program for the prestigious Oxford University and discover all the wonders of the city, from the dream spirals to the beautiful Christ Church college.

What programs does the Oxford University Preparation course offer?

Preparing to study at one of the best universities in the world is no small feat. At EF we care about our students studying at Oxford careers that match their aptitudes and preferences. They have a group of specialized academics who will advise you to choose the best course for you and will help you prepare for the entrance exams. The skills you develop during your program can serve you both for the University of Oxford and for any other English-speaking university. We offer the highest quality education and hone your English skills in modern schools, with native teachers and the latest technology for language learning. If you are about to finish high school and want to prepare for universities in Oxford or if you already have your university degree, but you are interested in doing a master’s or a doctorate, we will help you to achieve your goals.

Programs to study at the University of Oxford

Basic: improve your English communication skills.
General: a holistic study programme at Oxford.
Intensive: improve your language skills quickly.
Exam: prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL official language exams.
Business courses: everything you need to get into the world of Business.
Internship program: combines English learning with work experience in England.
Semester and academic year: everything you need to know to enter Oxford University.
University preparation: we advise you to study the career in Oxford of your preference.
Multilingual year: three countries, three languages.
Double and triple Center: improve your language in 2 or 3 locations.

Where is the preparatory school for Oxford University?

They have a completely renovated school just a 20-minute walk from the city centre and Oxford University. You will share your classes with students of all nationalities so we assure you a deeply multicultural experience. They have excellent facilities including a fully equipped gym, cafeteria, and foreign courtyard where we organize sports and recreational activities. The native teachers will assist you throughout your stay and will develop a set work plan so that you achieve all the goals you set. You will be able to visit the College of Oxford of your choice and interact with the students and professors so that you have an in-depth look at the institution. Dare to live this Harry Potter-style adventure!

What types of accommodation do you offer for your university preparation in Oxford?

At EF we want you to make the most of your Oxford University Preparation course. For that reason we offer you different accommodation options, you can decide to stay with a host family that will teach you all the Customs and traditions of the place. You can practice English 24 hours a day and sample typical UK food. If you prefer to have greater independence you can choose one of our student residences that are equipped with everything you need to have a comfortable and profitable stay. In addition, you will meet students from all over the world with whom you can tour the colleges of the prestigious Oxford Univeristy. You will be surrounded by young people from all over the world and you will make friends as they learn together.

What are the prices of propaedeutics for the University of Oxford?

They offer a wide variety of courses you can choose from to prepare you to study at Oxford University. From intensive English programs, preparation for language exams, business-focused courses, and many others. You can stay with a host family or in a student residence. In addition, you can complement your course with a variety of activities and guided tours throughout England. The price of your propaedeutic course will depend on all these variables. don’t worry! Contact us now and in no time we will find a program that suits your expectations and budget.


The administrative part is gathered through a legal space known as the congregation, where all the academic staff of the university meets to establish new measures.

All graduates of the University met through a body known as the convocation, those belonging to that subdivision, in times past they met to elect the chancellor of the University, this was so only until the year 1949.

The University Council is made up of members who make up the executive body of the campus. The central administration is headed by a vice-Chancellor to which are added the academic departments, which do not belong to any college in particular, and promote the development of research, provide facilities for teaching and learning, to organize conferences, seminars, and determine the curricula and the guidelines for the teaching of students.


The University of Oxford is a federation of autonomous colleges, totally independent entities, owners of their properties, with staff and budget of its own.It is composed of the central facilities, as well as departments and faculties, libraries and science centers. Colleges commonly meet within the College Conference to discuss administrative and academic policies.

Many of the Student Care offices are school-specific, but they are much more than student residences. They provide accommodation, food, libraries, sports and social activities, also appoint tutors in charge of monitoring the performance of students. On the other hand, the university provides classes, conducts exams and awards degrees. Colleges have the responsibility to admit undergraduate students and to organize their academic tutoring. On the contrary, it is the different academic departments that are responsible for the training of postgraduate students.


There is a library for the central structure (the Bodleian Library), and for each of the departments (departmental libraries such as the Law School Library), and for each college (which generally maintain multidisciplinary libraries for the use of its members).

Academic year distribution

The academic year is divided into three periods, lasting every eight weeks. The Michaelmas period runs from early October to December; Hilary usually runs from January to before Easter, and Trinity runs from after Easter to June. These are the shortest periods of any British university, and the workload is intense.

University of Oxford Botanical Garden

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest botanical garden in the United Kingdom, and the third oldest scientific Garden in the world.


In 1880 members of the University of Oxford tied the ribbons of hats around their necks. On June 25, 1880, the first tie of the club was made with the colors that are still preserved. In this way, this idea was propagated in the other clubs, universities and colleges of the world.

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