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University of Chicago. Private university located in Chicago, Illinois USA. Founded in 1890 with funding of John 600,000 by John D. Rockefeller. The first classes were held in 1892, under the supervision of principal William Rainey Harper, who hired international leaders in higher education to choose teachers.


Among alumni and professors it has a total of 85 Nobel laureates and 49 Rhodes Scholars, making it considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Former US President Barack Obama was a professor and professor at the University for 12 years. In 2000-2001, there was more than dólares 267.7 million in research funding. In 2008, the university spent científica 423.7 million on scientific research. In addition, professors and students of the University have played an important role in the development of the world economy, sociology, economics in legal analysis, and physics (for example, research of the University led to the creation of the first self-sufficient nuclear reactor). The University is also home to the largest Press of all universities in the United States.


The University of Chicago has only one undergraduate faculty called the College of the University of Chicago. Postgraduate studies are conducted through four schools (Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences) and six faculties (Pritzker School of Medicine , Booth School of Business, Law School, Divinity School, Harris School of Public Policy Studies and School of Public Administration.

Why study at the University of Chicago 2021?

The institution is known for its general interdisciplinary education through curricula that place special emphasis on foreign language learning and international study opportunities. It has a great global prestige and is usually placed among the top 10 universities in the world in international rankings.

As they indicate from the institution itself, they promote “free thinking and open research”. They also take pride in their intellectual traditions, which include an intense dedication to critical analysis and the counterposition of ideas, resulting in creative solutions to problems.

89 Nobel Prizes, 49 Rhodes Scholars and 20 Pulitzer Prizes have passed through its classrooms. Among the most prominent names of his alumni are such personalities as economists George Stigler and Milton Friedman, physicist Enrico Fermi or biologist James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Barack Obama is another person linked to the University, although in his case not as a student, but as a professor, because he was a professor for twelve years.

How much does it cost to study at the University of Chicago 2021?

The institution has among its graduates winners of 29 Nobel Prizes

The University of Chicago is the fifth best higher-level institution in the United States, although it does not belong to the Ivy League. Joining their ranks is not only a complicated mission, it also involves a strong economic investment.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this house of studies excels in teaching medicine, business, and Public Policy, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees.

The University of Chicago has approximately 16 thousand students, of whom 56 percent are women and a quarter are foreign students, according to QS Top Universities.

In addition to being a prominent institution in the academic field, it stands out for its sports and extracurricular activities, as well as the societies and clubs it offers. One of the most important is Doc Films, a Student Film Society.

Former President Barack Obama was a professor of Law at the University of Chicago, which gives a sample of the academic level he has. It also has 29 Nobel laureates among its graduates.

The tuition for the 2021 school year had a cost of 57 thousand 642 dollars (one million 99 thousand 110 pesos), according to the official site of the University. However, students have other expenses during student life.

License plate$57.642
Books and supplies$5.566
Personal expenses$2.180


The University of Chicago is continuously ranked among the top ten American and World Universities in most rankings.

The University’s Business School, The Booth School of Business, has been ranked as The Best Business School in the world by The Business Week ranking since 2006 to the present. The school is also considered the best in the world by the ranking of the British magazine The Economist 2012.

Among the professors, researchers and students of the University there have been 91 Nobel laureates and 50 MacArthur fellows.


The ideas that have shaped society and culture are the core core curriculum Center Ofchicago. The study of Humanities sapplies to any major and any career. In small classes it is analyze a variety of sources, question concepts, work on group, ideas are articulated in a clear way and as a consequence we reach solving complex problems.

The Core, combined with practical participation in our programs pre-professionals “Careers In,” offers the resources that empower students for professional success. Each program is led by an expert advisor in your field who helps you explore your interests, to see your options and to find opportunities to start a career successful. Careers in programs are available to students any major. Experience atchicago includes support from teachers, staff, graduates and classmates. As result, at the time of graduation, 96% of students know exactly what they will do after their studies.

Metcalf Internships

Each year more than 3000 paid internships are created exclusively for estudiantesicago students. This program brings students together with employers in more 250 cities in the world and offers considerable financial support. Career Advancement manages the hiring process for ensure that the experience is productive and rewarding. From
mayors to film studios, from federal agencies to major law firms, from investment banks to museums, a Metcalf internship it complements Education inChicago with practical experience.


The Treks offer practical knowledge in fields of interest leading groups of students around the world to meet with future employers. Each trek highlights opportunities in professional fields and specific cities. From venture capital in Silicon Valley to publishing companies in London, treks help you feel safe in professional situations and in the ability to find I work in your field of interest.


Estudiantesicago students have the reputation to think in a unique way. Those who are interested in experiencing beyond racing traditional, they can receive grants independently of the field of study they choose. These grants are available for undergraduate research and internships in United States and abroad.

Careers in Arts, Culture and entertainment

Prepares students for administrative and creative careers in the areas of the arts, including artistic practice, arts administration and cultural institutions.

Careers in science, computing, innovation and Engineering

Develops technical tools and provides access to innovative research that prepares students for employment and study through the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics.

Careers in human behavioral sciences

Provides support to students who consider careers that analyze and influence human behavior, including clinical psychology, clinical services, and behavioral analytics, and social Research.

Careers in Computer Science

Provides expert advice and coding simulation to students with an interest in software development, data science, computer technology and others related branches.

Careers In Law

Offers personalized preparation when applying to law school and resources for professional development including tools for solving
analytical problems.

Careers In Education

Prepares students for careers in education, education policy, administration, and academic research.

Careers In Espiritu Empresarial

It provides students with the tools to launch their own businesses, connect with the empresarialicago business community, work on new businesses, and apply the entrepreneurial mindset to any career.

Careers In Business

Prepares students for leadership in the business industry with professional experiences and specialized programs including The Trott Business Program and the Financial Markets Program.

Careers in Journalism and Creative Writing

Cultivate tools and experiences to launch students to successful careers in media, book writing, publishing and other related branches.

Careers In Medical Professions

Develop the knowledge required, inside and outside the classroom, for the Graduate Program or employment in the health area.

Careers in politics and Social Impact

It connects students with employment opportunities in non-profit businesses, Government, Public Policy,social Service, and other areas of public interest.


The University of Chicago is committed to ensuring that students from all backgrounds, regardless of your financial needs, can attend our University. Our programs Empower Initiative, Odyssey Scholarship and No Barriers allow students to Graduicago graduate debt-free no matter the career you choose or your family economic situation. We work with families to create a comprehensive financial aid package to suit your circumstances and ensure that Uicago be within reach.

Free Application

For families applying for financial aid there is no cost at the time of filling out the application. We invite you to attend a freechicago session in your area for learn more about admission processes selective and financial aid.

No Loans

Financieraicago’s need-based financial aid family does not involve loans and is granted in the form of grants, which are not necessary to return. The
students can graduate debt-free.

Free Tuition

Families with incomes of less than año 125,000 per year (with conventional goods) will receive financial assistance that will cover the cost of tuition. In addition, financial aid will cover the total cost of assistance for families with less income de 60,000 per year.

Lifetime professional development

Support begins with the career counselor and continues through professional development programs that they put into practice what they learned during the year. This is translates into a real experience through more than 3,000 internships funded annually.

Financial Aid For Merit

In addition to need-based financial aid, the Uicago is one of the few selective admission universities in the country offering merit scholarships for students showing academic, extracurricular achievements, leadership and Community Commitment. All first year applicants are eligible and merit aid is awarded for all four years stay enrolled for full-time and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

First Generation Scholarships

Students who are the first in their family to attend the university will receive a b 20,000 scholarship through four years inChicago. This financial assistance will any help based on need. First class students generation in Chicago will also be guaranteed a internship during the summer following her first year in College.

The Odyssey Scholarship

Odyssey scholarship offers support to low-income students income and those of the first generation. The most important thing of Odyssey is the opportunity that gives students to form part of a global education. More than 40% of our Odyssey fellows are the first in their family to attend the
University. In addition to receiving our financial support, based in need, Odyssey fellows receive opportunities to complete your education. All prime fellows year have guaranteed a research experience or one Metcalf internship, each with a salary of 5 5,000. This it allows fellows to put learning into practice academic in his real life.

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