Interest inventory for students, all you need to know

The interest inventories represent one of the many evaluation tools that are applied in professional, educational and vocational contexts for the greater good.

Even though each evaluation instrument has a different purpose that makes it stand out, they all have an overall goal in common: to achieve a conclusion that leads us for a better understanding of ourselves and our role in society.

Interest inventory for students refers to an evaluation that offers a series of standard tests designed to identify and measure the interests of the taker of the evaluation, in this case, related to their higher education.

In case you are interested in finding out more about the interest inventory for students and how it can help you deciding what career to study once you graduate from school, this is the perfect article for you.

Interest inventory for students, all you need to know

The main focus of interest inventory for students implicates a suggestion of possible career choices that are based on the interests of the students according to their answers on the test.

This instrument is also a start in the planning process for your future. It allows you to have an idea of what pathway to select towards a specific goal in your life.

It is especially valuable for those who take in consideration their results in their interest inventory while organizing their study plan for college, leading up to a much clearer decision-making process.

The interest inventory for students is also helpful for those who are thinking about the possibility of changing careers later on. It is a wonderful aid for making your mind up if you are filled with doubts and questions.

Although a counselor or a vocational guide may help the taker of the test in the interpretation of their results with a greater understanding, interest inventory for students usually work as a self-directed test.

This means that, after you know what your results are in the test, the final choice is in your hands. You don’t have to make a decision that is strictly related to the interest inventory, but it is a great help to give you guidance towards the right path.

What is an interest inventory for students?

As we mentioned, an interest inventory for students is a type of psychological exam that evaluates the interests of an individual vocationally speaking.

This test detects the work activities that could suit a person the best according to their skills and desires. It is one of the most used tests to identify vocational interests, especially in North America.

The results are based on the preferences of the person who is examined in diverse areas, with the objective of finding the professions that best adjust to your psychological and motivational profiles.

Your final score indicates if the vocational preferences that you got are closer to a specific professional group, thus helping you in the selection of your career in a simple and efficient form.

What is Strong Interest Inventory used for?

It is well known that there are dozens of existing professions to choose from and a lot of possibilities to develop in a professional level.

This is why the interest inventory tools are important, aiding us in the detection of what occupations fit in with our profiles the most. One of the best tools is the Strong Interest Inventory.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a model created by the psychologist Edward Kellog Strong in the year 1927, although it has been revisited and modified many times after its development.

Its objective remains the same though: to guide people in the selection of their professional careers.

The Strong Interest Inventory is constituted by 6 areas divided by categories, including occupational preferences, thematic areas, activities, hobbies, interpersonal relations and characteristics of personality.

Results and interpretation

This test’s results include 5 types of scores. First, we have the score that measures the level of interests, determining if the individual is interest in investigative, artistic, realistic, social, conventional or entrepreneur activities.

The basic interests score makes it more specific, with 30 basic scales of interests related to established professions of art, speech and science.

Another evaluation instrument of the Strong Interest Inventory is the occupational scale, fitting the person’s preferences into the most accurate professions between 122 different occupations.

A section that evaluates the personal style is also very relevant in the determination of the results. This section includes scales that refer to qualities like work, leadership, team efforts, desire of learning and risk taking.

The final section of the Strong Interest Inventory is an administrative summery of the whole evaluation, with the purpose of detecting possible mistakes in the final results, as well as unusual profiles.

What are the 4 types of inventory?

Interests entail every aspect that motivates us, that we like or that awakens our curiosity. The inventories of this test are separated in categories, so now we will tell you about the 4 types of inventory for students.

The vocational interests inventory defines the work areas towards which we feel attracted to.

Through these interests, you will find out about if what you got in mind for what you want to do for the rest of your life matches your likes and personality.

On the other hand, educational interest inventory, which goes by the hand of vocational interest, comes out of the internal feeling of wanting to know more about a certain subject, which is certainly an indicator of what pathway we should select.

Strong had in his mind these concepts to develop his inventory, believing in 2 other types of inventory: subjective and objective.

While subjective interests’ inventory is based on feelings, whether they are positive or negative, objective interests inventory involve every reaction that a person manifests in different scenarios related to their behavior.

All of these types of inventory were taken into consideration by Strong when he created his very useful Interest Inventory, which is undoubtably a great trustable tool for students that are deciding on what career pathway to choose.

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