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What are college scholarships?

Scholarships are grants for the financing of studies that are offered to students by an organization or an entity. These financial contributions can be for compulsory or post-compulsory studies, and are always granted when the student meets the requirements established in the call. In addition to Scholarships, There are other ways to fund studies.

Types of scholarships to study at the University 2020-2021

There are different types of scholarships and grants convened by different bodies or entities. In general, you can find the following types of scholarships:

Tuition Scholarships

Tuition scholarships

These scholarships help you in the full or partial payment of tuition.

Travel scholarships

Travel scholarships

They are scholarships that fully or partially cover the amount that a student has to travel daily (a minimum distance) to be able to carry out their studies.

Mobility scholarships

Mobility scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to those students who decide to participate in an academic mobility program, either national or international. One of the best known programs of these scholarships is the program Erasmus +

General scholarships

General scholarships

They are scholarships that are awarded to students with a low family income. The amount of the scholarship can be fixed or variable depending on the personal situation of the applicant and the call.

Basic scholarships

Basic scholarships

They are scholarships of a fixed amount that are awarded to some students to study. One of the main criteria for obtaining this scholarship is to have a low family income.

Material scholarships

Material scholarships​

Scholarships to help purchase school supplies.

Dining scholarships

Dining scholarships

Scholarships that cover the total or partial amount of the school canteen.

Residence scholarships

Residence scholarships​

They are scholarships that fully or partially cover the residence expenses of people who have to go to live in another city to be able to study.

Scholarships for specific studies

Scholarships for specific studies

There are calls for scholarships to pursue a specific type of study, such as postgraduate studies in the scientific field. To qualify for these scholarships, the academic record is very important.

Scholarships for internships​

Scholarships for internships

Some organizations call for scholarships to conduct an internship at a given company or institution.

Scholarships for research programs

Scholarships for research programs

They are scholarships aimed at people who wish to pursue higher research studies.

Analysis of the best 10 international program scholarships in 2021

More and more students are looking to internationalize their studies and try to study some year, or part of them, abroad. This is an opportunity that students or professionals can take advantage of anywhere in the world, usually with scholarships funded by states or companies.

The exchange programs of schools and universities to provide an experience both personal and professional in the world of education / career different than you’re used to, that is to say, the opportunity of being able to study / work in another country that is not the source; it allows you to open the mind towards other cultures, in addition to know how is the education in other countries, the research conducted in each state, or face the challenges of the job, on many occasions, in another language that is not theirs. mother tongue.

The best international scholarships 2021

Enjoy the top 10 scholarships to study, research or work abroad in 2021. Do not forget to consult the bases, requirements and dates of application. Here we go!

1. Eramus+

Perhaps the most recognized scholarship par excellence among college students. The Erasmus + programme is regulated by the European Union to promote and support education, training, youth and sport among EU member states. Each year, around 4 million people have the opportunity to follow an Erasmus + programme that offers opportunities to students, teacher, staff, training staff, internships, youth and youth leaders.

2. Santander-Ibero-américa

A program regulated by Banco Santander, S. A with the aim of granting scholarships to those who want to go to study at the Universities of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Uruguay for a semester. In the course 2021 a total of 933 scholarships will be awarded in Spain with an economic amount of 3,000 euros.

3. Effor

We are talking about international competitive scholarships from the Government of Australia that are awarded in order to enable citizens of Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and America to conduct studies and research at a professional level.

4. Eiffel

It is the Excellence Scholarship Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the French government. It allows foreign students to access a postgraduate or doctoral degree with all expenses covered up to 4 years, in the areas of science, engineering, economics, administration, law and political science. The scholarship even covers the expenses of the French courses that those selected may need.

5. OEA

This regular scholarship program is specialized in Master’s, doctoral or postgraduate research. These scholarships allow you to complete your studies, full – time, at any university belonging to the OAS member states. It can be studied in person, at a distance or by combination in a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum of 2 academics.

6. Chevening

The UK Government is the body responsible for offering these scholarships for international students. Its aim is to seek out outstanding researchers with leadership potential who study at postgraduate level at some UK university.

Currently, Spain does not enter the so-called Chevening-eligible country or territory, that is, it does not have an agreement with Chevening so that students from Spanish schools can apply to this exchange program.

These scholarships are very interested in graduates in economics and finance, political science and international relations, energy and sustainability or innovation and creative industries.

They cover absolutely all the expenses of an international displacement, and the duration of the studies is from 1 to 2 years.

7. Carolina Foundation

In the year of its twentieth anniversary this foundation offers a number of training and research opportunities in the basic sciences and technologies; business activity and social and political fields among other set of subjects included in the 2030 Agenda.

For the academic year 2021 the Carolina Foundation offers 822 scholarships divided between Postgraduate; Doctoral and short postdoctoral stays; mobility of professors; institutional studies and renewals of Doctoral Scholarships.

For 19 years, more than 16,500 people from all Latin American countries have been able to obtain their FC scholarship, and more than 3,400 postgraduate programs have been offered throughout Spain.

8. Holland Scholarship

This scholarship offers assistance to all those international students outside the European area who want to study a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Netherlands. It is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Of The Netherlands, as well as several Dutch Universities of research and Applied Sciences.

A financial compensation of 5,000 euros is received in the first year of study. Please note that it is not a full tuition scholarship.

9. Guggenheim

These scholarships are for artists, writers, professors or scientists who are in the middle of their career, residing in the United States and Canada. It is necessary to have accumulated many merits before you can apply for it. Candidates (around 4000 per year) are expected to have demonstrated exceptional ability for productive research or superior creative ability in the arts. There are several parallel selection processes, with experts evaluating each discipline. The scholarship lasts between 6 and 12 months, and calls close around September.

10. Fulbright

The Fulbright Scholarship Program awards approximately 8,000 scholarships each year. Currently, it has agreements with around 160 countries around the world. Since 1946, about 370,000 students have become “Fulbrighters”.

There are different programs for short stays, promotion of research and training of English teachers. The calls are open every year between January and February (for postgraduates) and in June (for teachers).

The importance of university studies

University studies are basic to develop as people and as professionals, they also improve our chances of finding employment.

The study is extremely important in the life of a person, to obtain an adequate and useful knowledge to the individual and social needs.

Although many young people consider it as a routine, studying is a tool for life that allows you to develop better as individuals and to understand many things that sometimes are ignored, bringing us closer to the science, culture, art and values, developing intellectual capacity, to cope with complex and diverse situations that challenges us in a modern society and promoting the social inclusion and labour, then we will use it in our advantage, to achieve a better social status and economic.

The best universities of 2021

university harvard logo
University Harvard
University Stanford logo
University Stanford
university Cambridge
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
University California, Berkeley logo
University of California, Berkeley
University Princeton
University Of Oxford
University of Oxford
University Columbia
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California Institute of Technology
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The University of Chicago
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The University los Angeles of California (UCLA)
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Yale University
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University of Washington
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University College de London
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University Johns Hopkins
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University of Pennsylvania
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University of California, San Diego
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ETH Zürich

What economic facilities exist for studying?

There are different grants, scholarships, financing systems, payment fractionation or other options that allow you to cope with the cost of studies, either through opportunities promoted by public administrations or private entities.

Scholarships and study aids will allow you to study without having to worry about the cost. To be eligible for these funding grants, you must comply with the requirements marked in each call and submit all documentation within the indicated deadline.

On the website of each convening body you can consult the requirements, the period in which you have to start processing your application and the documentation you need to prove to qualify for the benefit.

In the case of payment fractionation, the centers can raise the charges in different terms and periods of the course, instead of doing it in a single payment. It is a convenient way to pay for studies, and to meet the economic needs of students. It allows you to have a forecast and planning with a timeframe.

On the other hand, financing and loans can be through entities that are already engaged in this type of services, such as banks and cajas, or other private entities. With this option you can get a loan that will help you pay for your studies in a fractional form and with a low interest.

Tips and recommendations for obtaining a scholarship in 2021

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5 recommendations for obtaining a scholarship
Things to keep in mind before choosing a university
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